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10th of june 2013, Joost de Man and Brian van der Heijden are flying to Lombok, Indonesia together for a holiday and a surprise visit for the sister of Joost, who is doing charity work for an organization called Anak Bangsa. It’s here where they got moved and found the inspiration to do something for the underprivileged people on this planet.

A year later Joost was is the last year of his master on the university of Tilburg and planning to make a world trip after finishing his degree. Meanwhile Brian was working in car sales in the city of ‘s-Hertogenbosch. Being good friends for a while they talked about traveling the world and about what we could do for the people who didn’t get all the opportunities we’ve had in our lives. Not long after, Brian announced his resignation and Backpacking for Charity was born.

We started our journey the 2nd of December 2014, and focus mainly on south-east Asia.

Our goal is to combine the beauty of traveling with helping the lesser fortunate.

The Concept:

You can become a member of the Backpacking for Charity community by registering to our website and donate at least € 1,- a month (or a one time donation of your choice). After this you will become a ‘donating member’ and get the following perks:

  •        You can read our blog with inspiring travel stories and get updated about the charity


  •        Gain access to all the photo’s we take and put on our website.
  •        You will be able to vote on our next destination
  •        You will be able to vote on what charity we will support.

Become a member today, Register, Donate and spread the word!
Together we can make a difference!

Our Strenght!
 Every euro goes directly to those who need it

Transparant: Every member can see where his/her money goes

Honest: Book keeping is available online

Democratic: Members can vote on the choices we have to make

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